This TV ad from TurboTax is one of the classic racist TV ads I’ve seen. It has a black man repeatedly and intentionally spitting on a white man.

A new video has been circulating and someone has sent it to me, as I always like the idea of watching videos that I haven’t seen before.

The said video is labeled as “Very racist TurboTax TV Commercial” and you can see why.

The video shows a black man repeatedly spitting in a white guy’s face using the beverage or should I say a coffee he’s drinking.

I know what’s on your mind now, questions like is it races? Is this some kind of another corporation that goes “woke” mob?

Well, just watch the video first, and let’s see if this is some kind of a new woke mob corporation or not.

Watch here and I’ll give you my take below:

Watch it here: 24Ahead Dot Com/Youtube

After watching the video, I realized that it isn’t a super racist one, although I guarantee if the roles were reversed it would be Armageddon amongst the woke mob.

Those normal people who aren’t one of them woke-ies definitely won’t overreact to this kind of advertisement. For me, it is some kind of a joke that just never quite hit the punchline.

Like it could have had a really hilarious ending, but instead it just….ended with no payoff.

My take: not super racist, not super funny.

But I want to know what YOU think…

Source: We Love Trump


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