Another bill that the left is pushing is just another form of invasion of medical privacy, a total control from this mind-twisted government.

Well, I am not surprised at all.

The mainstream media have terribly failed to cover up the status of the bill after it was publicly and originally heard in the committee last week.

This bill deserves an opposing witness slip as it is very important because not only do they provide a public tally of the widespread opposition to the bill.

As of this writing, there are about 31,992 opposing witness slips have been reported.

It looks like the supporters of this bill in the Illinois House are trying to outwit the opposition. They seem to be waiting for us to lose focus and attention on this bill or to be waiting for us to give up in resignation.

I hate that they are trying so hard to pass a bill that has so much widespread opposition and so little support. We can’t relent in our opposition to this bill.

Previously, River Bender reported:

Congresswoman Mary Miller voted “no,” citing concerns that states including Illinois would move to expand vaccine databases that violate the civil rights of her constituents. Congressman Rodney Davis voted “yes” on the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act.

“I voted against the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act because I oppose giving President Biden any additional influence over state COVID policies and I oppose forcing taxpayers to fund state vaccine databases that could violate my constituents’ privacy and civil rights,” said Rep. Miller. “H.R. 550 empowered the Biden Department of Health and Human Services to give federal grants to fund state databases, and this latest effort by Illinois Democrats to require physicians and pharmacists to enter patients’ information into a state database is exactly what I was concerned about when I voted against the bill.”

Wake up, people! We are being terrorized by our own government.

Read more about this original piece here: TheGatewayPundit

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, River Bender

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