Everything this leftist liberal sees has to do with the race, from the innocent trees, exaggerated interpretation of logo which proven to be fake news, and now a simple human error, their story is becoming more bizarre and illogical as time passes by.

What happens to a professor from Fordham University is great example that we aren’t allowed to have a human error involving people of color. We should be perfect all the time so their race card won’t be activated and used against us.

This is not being racist, this is being a human bound to errors and has nothing to do with race or whatsoever.

Christopher Trogan, 46, now a former Fordham University professor after getting fired, accidentally mixed up the names of two Black students in his class.

Despite calling the faux-pas an “innocent mistake,” the English lecturer at Fordham University still thought it warranted an explanatory nine-page email to students in his Composition II class, according to the campus newspaper.

After Trogan sent out the 9-page letter, Trogan was fired and relieved from his duties as a lecturer at Fordham University.

The New York Post reported the incident:

A Fordham University professor was fired after mixing up the names of two black students in class, according to a report.

Hours after what he called an “innocent mistake,” lecturer Christopher Trogan, 46, sent a rambling, nine-page email to students in his Composition II classes explaining the faux pas — and defending, without being asked, his “entire life” of working on “issues of justice, equality, and inclusion,” the campus newspaper reported.

“The offended student assumed my mistake was because I confused that student with another Black student,” Trogan wrote, according to a Nov. 29 article in the Fordham Observer. “I have done my best to validate and reassure the offended student that I made a simple, human, error. It has nothing to do with race.”

He blamed the mistake on his “confused brain” when the two students arrived to class late on Sept. 24, while he was reading a classmate’s work.

Several students said Trogan’s bizarre overreaction, rather than making a simple apology, made matters worse for him.

Sources: Welovetrump, The New York Post

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