The Biden regime has been well known to be the most incompetent administration so far. From putting risks to the country and making it look bad to adversary countries like China.

Recently, a not-really-state-of-the-union state of the union speech was given by Joe Biden himself to the congress and things were completely a joke right after every invited guest come in.

Because of the pandemic, everyone who comes in gets handed a free N95 or KN95 mask to wear but unfortunately, these masks only gave a big sign that Americans are only depending on adversary countries like China as the masks were given have prints that it was made in China.

First off, the Virus has originated in China… How come we aren’t able to produce our own masks that for example made in Pittsburg? This is a shame and completely sinister.

Something is wrong with this pandemic. Really wrong.

GOP North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry even brought this to his Twitter account and wrote, “Was invited to attend President Biden’s speech. In order to attend I had to show proof I’m fully vaccinated AND was told I’d be required to wear a KN-95 mask. Get there and they hand me this. You can’t make it up. #JointSession.”

And Jacqui Heinrich, a Fox News White House correspondent also posted this on Twitter and wrote, “KN95 masks supplied to lawmaker offices by the Office of the Attending Physician… are stamped “MADE IN CHINA”.

Some members aren’t happy.

The Capitol Attending physician recently ordered masks be upgraded to N95 or KN95’s bc of Omicron… they’re required on the House floor.”

She also added this tweet:

Fox News reported:

Rep. Greg Murphy of North Carolina said, “As usual, Speaker Pelosi fails to recognize the senseless optics of her own decision-making, We are fighting a virus that came from China, yet the speaker is comfortable with publicly supporting a Chinese manufacturer, sending our taxpayer dollars overseas and further advertising our dependency on China … on the faces of Congress.”

This has been by far the most embarrassing Joint Session for Americans.

Sources: The Western Journal, Fox News

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