The more house you have the more stuff you have to clean.

Our homes include a lot of furniture, appliances, nooks, and crannies, so when we clean, there are a lot of places to consider!

Therefore, it can be very simple to miss the smaller areas. You might not even know that some of these spots even exist. Like the tray that collects crumbs at the bottom of your pop-up toaster ovens.

Thanks to TikToker Kacie we now know that this pull-out compartment exists making our toaster ovens even easier to clean than we originally had realized.

Lots of her fans didn’t even know their toaster had this drawer. But thanks to Kacie, they now do!

“There are cleaning hacks going around the internet that are not really hacks at all, they make it harder. This week I was sent one. ‘Clean your toaster with a hairdryer. Just tip it in the bin,” she said.

Thousands of people would still be unaware of the capabilities of their toasters if it weren’t for TikToker Kacie. You’ll find that the device is actually simpler to clean than you may have initially believed if you follow Kacie’s step-by-step instructions for cleaning the popup toaster.

The video has received over 92,000 views and counting, which is a lot of attention for a short that helps people clean their toasters better. Not only Kacie’s video received a lot of attention from TikTok viewers in the United States, it also accumulate throughout the world.

Kacie runs a page for her company, The Big Clean Co., on the Chinese-created TikTok social media app. She uploads a lot of cleaning videos and wishes to assist people in keeping their houses as clean as possible. She also takes questions from fans.

“How do you make stubborn water stains go away?” one asked.

She suggested the TikTok user use a non-scratch sponge and either Bar Keeper’s Friend powder or Gumptions paste to clean their glass shower. Once the area has been cleaned, simply rinse it with water and stand back to appreciate your labor of love, as a perfect solution for removing the difficult water stain from a glass shower.

She explains, “Both of those just scrub onto the screen and wash off as long as the glass isn’t etched it should come off pretty good.”

Watch the video below:


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