Inauguration Day is set to be a day for THE PEOPLE. Which is why America won’t be missing the loony lib celebrities on stage to use it as a publicity stunt for their own financial gain. Instead, we will have true patriot Americans performing with pride. The Piano Guys are one of them. And they have a message for everyone who backed out! HELL YEAH!!

VIA| We have seen a handful of unhinged celebrities refuse to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

It’s been pretty embarrassing to watch.

However, plenty of talented acts have made themselves available to Trump.

The Piano Guys are one of them.

Check out what they decided to do when they started receiving pressure to back out of their agreement to play at the inauguration.

From Chicks On The Right:

They were invited to perform at the Inauguration this Friday, which they accepted. And, as we’ve seen from the “super-tolerant” left, they’ve come in for some nasty comments and hate, which they do NOT deserve at all.

Rather than cave to pressure and back out, TPG decided to release a statement on why they accepted the invitation to perform on Inauguration Day. And if the left can still find a reason to hate these guys after this… well, that says a lot more about their critics than it does about The Piano Guys themselves.

Check out the statement…


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