What could possibly be the first move after the take-over of Talibans last Sunday?

Of course, claiming the prize for freeing co-terrorists who have been jailed in Bagram AirBase, a facility that was previously handed over by the U.S. to the Afghan forces – According to the BBC.

Between 5,000 and 7,000 prisoners were housed there, including “senior al Qaeda and Taliban figures confirmed by CNN.

On a posted tweet by Saleem Mehsud that reads: “100s of Pakistani Taliban – TTP – fighters including key commanders were freed in various Prison breaks in Afghanistan during recent advances of Taliban especially from Bagram Prison & Pul-e-Charkhi Prison. The fate of Daesh IS-K prisoners probably is decided by the Taliban’s courts.”

“Terrorist groups could use Afghanistan as a base to rebuild within the next two years, the new timeline could be sooner” said by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley in a call with senators.

“Two takeaways for me, we’re gonna leave tens of thousands of people behind … and the timeline in terms of threats has accelerated.” – he added.

20 years ago, Americans entered Afghanistan because it was a haven for terrorists and sought to downplay speculation that history could repeat itself confirmed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday via The Guardian.

“We have tremendously more capacity now than we had before 9/11. We are going to retain in the region the over-the-horizon capacity to see and deal with any re-emergence of a terrorist threat.” Mr. Blinken added.

Security expert Barry Pavel even said; “A Taliban-led Afghanistan that provides tech-savvy global terrorists safe haven to remotely recruit new followers is a different level of a security threat than it was previously.” via Atlantic Council.

In July, CNN reported that the prison at Bagram field had a couple of hundred criminals with the rest of the thousands of inmates being terrorists.

Even Catherine Herridge and Bill O’ Reilly posted tweets:

An Afghan security official said some “big names” from al-Qaida and the Taliban were housed there, confirmed to CNN News.

Previously, An Afghan defense ministry spokesperson said at the time; “We have the ability to hold prisoners, we have enough troops to secure Bagram Air Base. We are not worried about the care of prisoners.”

Some Afghans even confirmed via BBC that “US forces left Bagram at night with no notice.”

Sources: The Western Journal, CNN, BBC News, The Guardian, Atlantic Council, BBC: US left at night!

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