When it comes to clothing and fashion, every woman has her own personal style and taste. While some women prefer to dress more conservatively, others choose to show off their bodies because they feel confident doing so. While it’s important for every woman to be able to express her individual style, some seem to believe there are some settings where wearing revealing clothing and outfits isn’t the best idea.

For instance, at a water park for families, a TikTok user recently posted a video of a woman in a skimpy swimsuit at a water park while it was full of kids and asked the internet what they thought about it.

TikTok user Kim Stram posted a video taken at a family water park near the wave pool where children and families were playing. The woman in question was wearing a bathing suit that appeared to have a thong bottom. It was a strappy one-piece with a rather thin thong. It’s unclear whether she was there with her own children or not, but there were children around her. So, like any good outraged citizen in the 21st century, she whipped out her mobile device and started recording a video of the woman in question as she talked to her male companion.

Stram who was furious then took to TikTok to ask people if they thought the other woman was in the wrong for wearing such a revealing bathing suit at a family-friendly waterpark. The TikTok user asked on the video, “Is this appropriate for a family water park or not?”

In the video’s caption, she added that while she thinks the woman looks great, she didn’t think it was the right thing for her to wear around young children. She asked others whether they agree with her, or not.

But to her surprise, she didn’t get the reaction she expected. Instead of everyone agreeing with her, she got a mixed response, with some people defending the woman in the bathing suit and others agreeing with Stram that it was inappropriate.

One person wrote, “Lol, cmon kids just want to swim. They don’t care what you are wearing. All they care about is being able to stay at the water park and not go home.”

“Yep. She’s old enough, and it’s her choice, Why would kids care? Let her be her. Just worry about yourself,” another agreed.

Someone else added, “I work at a water park. This is normal.”

However, one person said, “I think it’s inappropriate for kids to see. I would not want my daughter seeing another woman in a thong like that. Just my opinion.”

Another agreed, “I think it’s inappropriate because there are kids all around her.”

The video ended up getting over four million views, mostly because people wanted to see the woman in the controversial bathing suit for themselves. Some people thought she looked great and defended her right to wear whatever she wanted, while others thought it was inappropriate for her to be wearing such a revealing bathing suit around children.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the woman wearing the bathing suit to decide what she feels comfortable in and how she wants to present herself to the world. If she’s happy and confident, she should rock that bathing suit with pride. If she’s uncomfortable with how much skin is showing, then she should cover up more. There’s no right or wrong answer here – it’s entirely up to the woman in the one-piece bathing suit.

Watch the video below: 


Thoughts!! I don’t think its appropriate there’s kids all around her, but she looks great!!?? #ReTokforNature #thongbikini #makingconvo

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