President Trump is making huge economic progress but liberal media outlets refuse to give this any coverage.

Ever since Trumps inauguration in January the stock market has seen record number, and the job market has shown marked improvement. Despite these monumental strides the mainstream media continues to only report their biased unfounded claims about Russian collusion.

Via Breitbart:

Mainstream media news broadcasts have been mostly silent on the stock market’s historical milestones that have occurred during the first few months of the Trump presidency.

Mainstream media television outlets have largely ignored the success that the financial markets have seen during the first several months of the Trump presidency. The 30th closing record of the Trump presidency occurred on July 31 when the Dow Jones closed at 21,891, leading to speculation that it would make the unprecedented cross over beyond the 22,000 mark.

That evening, all three broadcast evening news programs ignored that significant threshold that the Dow Jones was about to pass through. In fact, ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs rarely mentioned the Dow Jones milestones achieved since Trump’s inauguration.

The Media Research Center analyzed network transcripts for ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs from Jan. 20, through July 31 specifically for the keywords, “dow” or “dow jones” or “dow jones industrial average” or “stocks” or “stock market” or “wall street” or “market rally.”

According to the analysis, the three evening news programs mentioned the stock market, Wall Street, and the Dow Jones 33 times since President Trump’s inauguration, but rarely on the days in which historical milestones were achieved. The analysis revealed that the networks failed to report 25 of the financial milestones on the day on which they took place. During that period, the broadcast news programs only aired 19 positive stories about the stock market.

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