Even the Secret Service can’t save him from this reality… it looks like Joe Biden is starting to understand now, exactly how America really feels about him being the President.

Defiant US President Joe Biden has repeatedly garrisoned his messy Afghanistan withdrawal saying that he stood “squarely behind” the decision to drawing down the US forces from Kabul as he did not “want to extend this forever war,” and that it was “the right decision” to end an era of armed conflict and “to remake other countries.” Despite his defense of the withdrawal, the United States commander-in-chief has faced mounting derision for adhering to the Aug. 31 deadline and hastily flying out the last military plane out of Kabul leaving hundreds of Afghan helpers, allies to US troops during deployment, and American citizens behind.

On Tuesday, September 7, as he toured the flood-hit areas of New Jersey to take stock of the damage and rebuilding efforts, the US President was met with a hostile reception from the general public for mishandling the Afghanistan crisis, which saw at least 13 US Marines losing lives in the ISSI-K’s planned explosions that the Americans were witness to.

According to Yahoo News:

“My best friend died in 2011 in Afghanistan for what?” a heckler shouts in a video posted on Twitter by Washington Post reporter Zach Purser Brown. Biden was touring damage in the village of Manville, which experienced flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida, at the time.

The heckler, who was not identifiable in the footage, continued to shout that Biden left Americans behind in the country. A White House pool report said the heckler appeared to be standing in his yard with his family.

“He will leave you behind, you guys, protecting him,” the heckler yelled. A woman joined in, shouting “Leave no Americans behind!” The initial heckler then named what he said was his best friend, buried in Arlington Cemetery after being killed in Afghanistan.

“For what, he lost his life for what?” the heckler shouted.

Groups of supporters of former President Trump stood on the sides of roads as Biden’s motorcade passed through the state.

Over 40 people died in the storms that pounded the northeast last week with torrential rains and tornadoes, including 13 people in New York City.

The president warned of the dangers of climate change during remarks to reporters in Manville.

Others shouted, “Leave no American behind!”

Secret Service agents blocked the group from coming any closer to Biden.

“You shouldn’t be protecting tyrants,” a woman shouted.

Other people in the neighborhood shouted at Biden.

“Go to sleep Sleepy Joe! Pedophile!” another man shouted.

Biden tried to pretend that didn’t really happen…but it did.

This was the scene as Joe’s motorcade pulled up into the neighborhood….brutal.

I think it’s safe to say that America hates Joe Biden.

It’s absolutely unbelievable that we’re in this mess with this dimwitted buffoon fake-running our country, to begin with.

Sources: Waynedupree, News.yahoo, Republicworld, Foxnews, C-span.org

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