The provocative attire worn by a high school cheerleading squad in Miami has ignited a fierce debate about the hypersexualization of young girls and the need for greater parental oversight.

The internet was recently set ablaze by a high school cheerleading video that went viral on social media. It features a cheerleading squad from a Miami high school, sashaying onto a football field. The parents’ horror was palpable as they spotted what their young daughters were clad in.

As vigilant parents, the mission is always to safeguard our children’s innocence, a task that seems to be getting tougher in the face of a secular society that is quick to hypersexualize young girls. Regrettably, high school cheerleaders are not immune to this disturbing trend.

This became glaringly evident when we observed the cheerleaders’ outfits at this Miami high school. They were donned in attire that, quite frankly, young girls shouldn’t be wearing anywhere, let alone at a school function. We naturally assume that a school event would have some semblance of a dress code, a minimum expectation of modesty, but that was far from the case here.

As the young girls strutted onto the field, they were scarcely clad in provocative black lingerie that left very little to the imagination. These teenage cheerleaders performed their routine in attire resembling lingerie, adorned with boots and garters. They held travel bags and fanned their faces, a part of their performance, as reported by BizPac Review.

Most of these cheerleaders are probably underage, still traversing through high school. The oldest might be eighteen-year-old seniors, but it is highly probable that many of them are minors. There might even be girls as young as 13 in the group. Understandably, the footage has incited public outcry.

One viewer pointed out the alarming lack of parental supervision, saying, “I’d never let my high school daughter step out of the house dressed like that! The parents should be ashamed.” Echoing similar sentiments, another viewer termed it “terrible, borderline pedo.”

A social media user, Teddy Lee, expressed his outrage, saying, “I’m pretty much going to jail for assault and battery, child endangerment and disorderly conduct after I punch a couple of administrators at the game. I’m also wondering how the heck this got past the parents.”

The cheerleaders, scantily dressed in blue and black, performed a dance heavily dominated by hip gyrations. The Daily Mail reported that the video then transitions to the football field, where they continued their performance, as the school’s marching band paraded past.

It is truly shocking that the adults involved sanctioned these outfits that seem to have been borrowed straight from a Victoria’s Secret runway. One can’t help but question how many cheerleading coaches observed the girls rehearsing this sexualized routine and chose to remain silent.

Furthermore, how many parents purchased these risqué outfits for their daughters to perform in? Did not a single parent find it inappropriate for their daughter to prance onto a football field donning a garter belt, with the whole school watching?

Given that teen pregnancies are at an all-time high and premarital sex leading to out-of-wedlock pregnancies is even showcased on reality television, it’s no surprise. We seem to be encouraging the sexualization of young girls.

The viewer who mentioned that this behavior borders on pedophilia hit the nail on the head. If the parents of these girls are stunned to find their daughters working in a strip club downtown one day, they only have themselves to blame.

Children emulate what they experience, and currently, they’re living like adult entertainers, soliciting inappropriate attention on the football field sidelines. It would be naïve to assume these lessons won’t seep into their adult lives.

WATCH the video below:

Sources: Taphaps, BizPac Review, Daily Mail.

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