Radical progressive gender ideology, pushed by California public schools, doctors, and the courts, is feeding children lies about their identity. It teaches them that one’s gender is separate from biological sex, causing confusion and leading them to make life-changing decisions based on false realities.

Teachers, gender counselors, and judges are telling parents that to help their children, they must affirm the lies of gender ideology.

Abigail Martinez, the mother of a California teen who killed himself, accused her Los Angeles County school of urging her daughter to take hormones and undergo gender reassignment surgery as a youngster while neglecting to adequately treat her acute depression. Abigail claims that the school and county wrongfully forced her daughter Yaeli Martinez to transition to male, and are responsible for her suicide at the age of 19.

Abigail’s daughter began showing signs of depression in middle school and then attended meetings and “support” groups for gender-confused children in high school.

Not long after attending these groups, she told her mother that she felt like she was a boy.

A psychologist and LGBT group began working with Abigail’s daughter and told Child Family Services (CFS) that she would be better off out of the house. They incentivized her to leave home by telling her that the state would pay for her gender “transition” if she did.

CFS took her from Abigail at just 16 years old. When they appeared in court, Abigail was told she could visit her daughter one hour a week as long as she didn’t talk to her daughter about God or encourage her to come home.

The LGBT group urged Abigail’s daughter to undergo a medical gender “transition,” and despite Abigail’s objections, doctors began administering hormone therapy.

Abigail begged doctors to instead conduct a psychological evaluation and treat her daughter’s mental problems. “This is not going to make my daughter better,” she told them. “If you want to help my daughter, help her with her mental health. Help her from the inside out.” The doctors refused her request.

Tragically, Abigail’s daughter ended up taking her own life by kneeling in front of a train.

No mother should ever have to go through the indescribable pain that Abigail did. She was completely denied her parental rights and could have prevented her daughter’s death had doctors and the state only listened to her.

Abigail’s story demonstrates the direction that California is headed. There are numerous mothers and fathers dealing with similar situations who are afraid to speak about it publicly.

The state is prioritizing dangerous gender ideology over parental rights and the health and well-being of children.

What children like Abigail’s daughter need is the Truth about how God has created them. He has given each of us our gender with a purpose, and He makes no mistakes. The presence of confusion is not a sign that someone was born the wrong gender.

Schools throughout California are creating and worsening mental health problems among children by encouraging them to question basic realities about their sex. Educators and the state are aiming to control our children, and we must put an end to it. If we allow this to continue, more and more stories like Abigail’s will emerge. Parents must be their children’s primary decision-makers.

Source: AWM

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