Since Joe was “installed,” the most talked-about topic has been when he’d be tossed aside and Kamala would take over.

Everyone is still searching for signs that progress is on the way – and sometimes it seems imminent, and other times it seems unlikely.

It doesn’t matter to us because the same people who are “handling” Joe will also be “handling” Kamala.

However, it appears that Kamala’s “installation” has hit a snag.

A significant snag

A new YouGov poll has just been published, revealing how unpopular Kamala Harris is with the American people.

And I mean Very UNPOPULAR…

According to a YouGov poll conducted between May 1 and April 4, 48 percent of US adults hold a negative opinion of Harris.

In comparison, only 41% of people think she’s a good person.

Oh, no.

The following numbers were posted on Twitter by journalist Glenn Greenwald:

“Can’t believe that the candidate who had to drop out of the presidential race before she got even a single vote — despite huge media adoration and being from the largest state — is not popular even in the administration’s quasi-honeymoon stage.”

Can you imagine the shambles they’d be in if Kamala was installed with these dreadful numbers?

I mean, fake polls aside, we all know Joe’s numbers are probably in the mid-teens – can you imagine how poor Kamala’s are?

And the border crisis isn’t helping matters much. Despite the fact that she is the ostensible “Czar,” she refuses to go to the border and investigate the tragedy that is unfolding there.


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