Vaccinated people account for almost half of the country’s new COVID cases, according to data from a recently released UK study that uses data compiled from their Orwellian symptom-tracking app.

Only 25% of people who had received the shot have caught the wu-flu afterward, just a few months ago. The study provides that number now has risen to 47%. As time progresses, the experimental jab has been getting worse results.

The COVID cases are rising quickest not surprisingly, to those who are the least likely to get vaccinated due to their 99.5%+ recovery rate, the young people.

The uptick among the vaccinated blamed the virus “running out” of non-jabbed people to infect, as per the Health officials who are in charge of the vaccine tracking app.

The virus has its mind and targets you based on political reasons or motives, similar to the reasoning behind the ridiculous curfews that were imposed during the lockdowns.

It sparked a “third wave” that is prompting more lockdowns and authoritarian measures being put in place by globalists across Europe because the lackluster vaccine results combined with a depleting reservoir of people who are willing to take the hastily-prepared shot.

The Pravda-style vaccine passports that were recently mandated in France are an example of those measures.

To enter restaurants or public areas, to have their paperwork, people are required to have received the shot.

Protests across the country erupted and thousands filled the streets to oppose the requirements, early on Saturday.

The governments have unprecedented power, and they are using it to their full advantage, and with this ‘SCAMDEMIC’ that was unleashed on the world by Communist China; People across the world are FED-UP.

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