In a Twitter post, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the capacities will be reduced to 33% in unvaccinated areas “to comply with CDC social distancing rules.”

Despite the CDC guidelines stating that those who have received the vaccine should no longer have to wear masks outside, all fans will still be forced to wear masks.

As long as all attendees are vaccinated against COVID-19, the Mets and Yankees can increase capacity to 100 percent at their ballparks for home games starting May 19. However; those not inoculated against the deadly pandemic will have to sit in separate sections.

During a COVID-19 briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “Theoretically if you had 100 percent vaccinated, you could fill the entire stadium with 100 percent vaccinated.” And added “Unvaccinated, it is still the 6-foot social distancing. In other words, our capacity restrictions have been relaxed subject to the federal CDC social-distancing guideline of 6 feet.”

Currently, fans must show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test, but that will be dropped, Cuomo noted. Sections for unvaccinated fans will be at 33 percent capacity and masks will continue to be required.

Cuomo provided no details on how fans would prove they have been vaccinated before attending the game.

This represents the beginning of a de facto domestic vaccine passport for Americans.
While unvaccinated fans will be allowed to attend games, albeit, in a segregated area, there’s no guarantee they won’t be prevented from entering stadiums shortly when the vaccine has been offered to everybody.

The segregation policy is also being implemented by other countries, including Hong Kong, where unvaccinated people are seated in different areas of restaurants and restricted to a total of 4 people per table.

Respondents to Cuomo’s announcement expressed a mixture of sentiments, with some saying unvaccinated people should be barred altogether, while others complaining that they won’t be able to bring their unvaccinated kids to the game.

Others pointed out that the policy is straight-up segregation and will only end in disaster.

Depending on whether season ticket holders and their guests are vaccinated, seat locations may have to be moved and newly sold tickets will be specified as vaccinated or unvaccinated sections, officials said.

“The main resistance now is people’s own fears and people’s comfort level,” Cuomo said. “And when you have a set of rules and protocols in place where people feel comfortable, I think it’s going to have more people attending games. I think more people will go to restaurants. I think more people will go to museums if they know they are safe when they go there.

You’re vaccinated, you are going to sit with only vaccinated people. I think that’s actually going to increase the public acceptance level.”


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