A New Jersey shooting club is under fire amid claims that its billboard depicting a kneeling soldier is racist, but the owner is taking a stand.

In southern New Jersey, a gun range owner has caused controversy by posting a billboard that reads, “The only time we take a knee”. The billboard features an image of a person in black holding a rifle and is a clear reference to the NFL player protests during the national anthem. These protests have been aimed at raising awareness of police brutality and racial inequality. However, some local residents have taken offense to the billboard and are calling it “racist”.

The gun range owner, Wesley Aducat, claims that the sign is not intended to be racist and has nothing to do with race or minorities in the United States. Despite this, many locals are still offended by the billboard.

One individual, MoNeke Ragsdale, took a picture of the billboard and posted it on Twitter, calling for people to contact the gun range and demand that the billboard be taken down.

“Please call! This billboard on Rt. 73 in Voorhees. Tell them this billboard is racist. Taking a knee is a protest to say NO to police brutality. The women of SJWPC are taking a knee to support black and brown people. Take it down! The manager is Carmen Console: 609-704-9500.”

Aducat has stated that he supports the players’ right to protest and believes that it is their first amendment right to do so. However, he personally wishes that all NFL players would stand during the anthem. He sees the protest as hurtful and disrespectful to many of the veterans who are members of his shooting club.

The local chapter of the NAACP disagrees with Aducat’s perspective and argues that the kneeling protest is about police violence against unarmed black people. Keith Blenson Sr., a member of the NAACP, believes that the gun range deserves the criticism it is receiving for putting up the sign.

Meanwhile, other New Jersey residents are also offended by the billboard, arguing that it mocks the idea of taking a knee and standing up for black and brown people who are being treated unfairly. The controversy has divided people on social media, with some expressing support for the gun range owner’s first amendment right to advertise his business, while others criticize the billboard as being insensitive and offensive.

The issue is not just about the billboard, but also about the larger debate surrounding the NFL player protests. The controversy has sparked a national conversation about the meaning of patriotism and what it means to stand up for what one believes in.

Some argue that the protests are a necessary and important way to draw attention to racial injustice and police brutality, while others believe that the protests are disrespectful to the country and to those who have served in the military.

Ultimately, this controversy highlights the importance of understanding different perspectives and engaging in constructive dialogue to bridge the divides that exist in our society. While the gun range owner has the right to advertise his business, it is important to recognize the feelings and experiences of those who find the billboard offensive. Only through respectful communication and empathy can we hope to move towards a more inclusive and just society.

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