Somebody tell me how Joe manages to act like a sociopath? Or is it always been his way of living?

Well, we are yet to see another episode of Joe Biden’s incompetence. He would rather nap in the white house than showing up some 5-hours late to his presser.

As the issue in Afghanistan continues to escalate, it became clearer to Americans right now that we’re being led by a clumsy buffoon who has no idea what he’s doing and no empathy, not to mention that he turns his back (once again) on a question about evacuating all Americans from Afghanistan after he discussed two other topics.

Yeah, that’s right he walks away again.

Biden then again didn’t take any questions and just left.

According to the Federalist reports:

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden turned his back on reporters Tuesday when pressed on whether the White House can pledge all Americans will be successfully evacuated from the war-torn nation before U.S. forces leave next week.

“Can you guarantee every American will be out before the troops leave?” shouted one reporter in the background as the president left the lectern without taking a single question on the turmoil in Afghanistan.

Well, the scene has become routine as the president avoids answering questions over the crisis in Afghanistan, where an undisclosed number of Americans remain poised to be stranded behind enemy lines after the Taliban captured the country as breakneck speed.

All you ever see is this guy’s fuzzy head as he walks away.

What an absolute abysmal failure Joe Biden and his entire staff is.

Sources: Waynedupree, Thefederalist, Jonathandesverneyusanews

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