January 20th, the day the country is saved from the disastrous reign of Obama that many would refer to as  the worst Presidency in the history of the United States. We thought it would all be over on inauguration day; that we that we could rid ourselves of the man who racially plagued this nation for the last 8 years. But we were WRONG. Looks like we will be still forking out one last bill to pay for the Obama’s last vacation on taxpayer money.  Surprised? Yeah..me either.

VIA| The website claims that upon the completion of Trump’s oath of office ceremony, the plane designated as Air Force One will wing its way westward with the Obamas aboard.

Of course, despite that it is the plane designated as Air Force One, it won’t be called Air Force One during this flight because Obama will no longer be president.

That same day, the Obamas will also take their last Marine One helicopter ride to Andrews Air Force Base to board the plane. Of course, Marine One also won’t officially carry the president’s designation for that last trip, but it is the same publicly-owned conveyance regardless.

TMZ asked local officials in California and the White House if the rumors are correct but was not able to confirm the details.

Three other presidents headed to California after their days in Washington. Presidents Reagan and Nixon had homes in the Golden State. And as he left office, Gerald Ford also flew across country to California, stopping at Pebble Beach, where the following day he played in the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

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4 Responses

  1. bv

    Why is it so hard to scrap this excrement off our American shoes!
    Go! Get outta here!

  2. HBM

    Why did someone not wast that N. seven and a half years ago. He and his Goddam family have used the wings off that plain. My daydream for today is massive engine trouble at 33,000 FT pilot and copilot get out alright so does Secret Sirvice . But Obama trannie and Family trapped in Air Force One jet falls out of sky with first family aboard all killed in fiery crash Nation rejoiced Trump takes over no tax payer dollar spent.

  3. Pellegrino Turturici

    I find it as well as a use beyond its powers also very suspicious. Air Force One is equipped with electronic control systems with all the armed forces. Assuming a nuclear war, it is a great way to stay out of it. If Obama had planned the assassination of Trump and the Soviet declaration of war as guilty, it would be exactly the thing to do. I hope Trump the blocks and be careful, as long as it did not take full control of the entire US administration and military commands.


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