Believe it or not, there are cases of people going out of their way to either do a bad job or to pay someone to do a bad job.

Imagine if you paid someone a hundred thousand dollars a year to sit around and do nothing? That’s basically what is happening with the Biden Administration, only with the other horrible situation.

Think about the following. Imagine that you were renting a house where the landlord told you about the amazing security system the house had, and then three weeks after you moved in you paid someone to remove the security system. That’s what is happening right now with Joe Biden and the border wall.

Something that most people realize is that even though Joe Biden stopped wall construction, we have to continue to pay the construction companies the same amo0unt for doing nothing as it would cost to continue building the barrier.

That’s right. It costs us six million dollars a day not to build the wall. We could be getting more wall for the same price. We must continue paying these companies until we fulfil the contracts.

When Biden stopped construction for 60 days, it obligated the government to reimburse the contractors for material they ordered and the loss of income for their equipment to sit idle.

That 60, days is up on Sunday March 21st. What happens from her is up to Biden but if wall construction is stopped permanently which I expect it will be we will still have to pick up addition costs.

That means we will haven paid out over $400 million for them not to do any work.

The construction company makes out like fat rats because they have no labor costs and there is nom wear and tear on the machinery or fuel costs either. It’s all profit and Biden is the loss.

I wonder if Biden would pay me if I promise not to build a wall on the border. Maybe I can pick up a few dollars on the side if I agree not to build a strip mall.

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