People are always going to be surprised at the way certain people handle their reactions to certain things.

The mainstream media has this horrible habit of thinking that people are going to just digest whatever nonsense they are fed on the evening news and venture off into the world to spew it to other people.

Thankfully, there are good and decent people that actually bother to read what’s past the first line and figure out what is really going on. The mainstream media would have you believe that President Trump woke up last week and decided over breakfast that he was going to take out Soleimani the way the average person would decide what movie to go to.

The furthest thing from the truth…

Erica Kasraie was born in Iran but is now an American citizen and a human rights activist.

Following the death of Qassem Soleimani Erica posted a heartfelt video on Facebook and Youtube to the American people.

Erica begged Americans not to believe the lies on mainstream media about Soleimani and Iran.

She mentions the 1,600 young protesters killed by the regime in November for peacefully protesting. She describes how at 7-years-old she was forced to chant “Death to America” in her classroom.

Eric Kasraie then thanks President Trump, “I’m probably going to lose a lot of friends for saying this but thank you Mr. Trump for making a very hard decision and for having the moral courage to do something that probably a lot of world leaders wouldn’t have had.”

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