An unassuming town in North East Texas woke up to a nightmare when a local teenager confessed to the brutal murder of his own family, which he justified with a bizarre explanation that has left the community grappling for answers.

Cesar Olalde, an 18-year-old high school senior from Nash, Texas, stands accused of the unfathomable crime of slaughtering his mother, father, younger brother, and adult sister. His explanation for this horrendous act was truly chilling – he asserted that his family were cannibals and were planning to consume him.

This ludicrous claim was part of a probable cause affidavit and came to light when a concerned neighbor visited the family’s residence after one of the victims failed to report for work.

As it stands, Olalde is currently under the custody of Bowie County jail, facing the charge of multiple murders. The Texas judicial system doesn’t take such heinous crimes lightly, and if found guilty, Olalde could potentially face a death sentence or a life sentence without parole. His bail is set high at $10 million, reflecting the gravity of his actions.

Cesar Olalde, Nash, Texas teen kills cannibal family members who wanted to eat him

Responding to the distress call at the 500 block of Lemon Acres in Nash, Texas, multiple law enforcement units arrived at the house late Tuesday morning. There, they found Olalde had apparently barricaded himself inside his home, leading to a standoff that ended in his surrender.

In a troubling account from the scene, a man who had come to the house to check on Olalde’s sister shared with investigators a terrifying encounter. Upon forcing their way into the house after receiving no response, they were met with Olalde, who was armed and admitted to the grim deed. Olalde had allegedly not only pointed his firearm at the man but had also brandished a knife, which was disclosed in the affidavit.

As officers from the Nash Police Department arrived at the crime scene, they were informed of Olalde’s confession by the man who was fleeing from the house. Alarmingly, Olalde had also dialed 911 himself and told dispatchers, ‘numerous times that he had pulled the trigger and killed his family,’ naming his father specifically.

Once Olalde was taken into custody, law enforcement officers were faced with a dreadful sight. All four bodies of the family members were found in the bathroom of the house. The affidavit, detailing the gruesome sight, mentioned, ‘It appeared as if the victims had been shot at various places in the residence and [had been dragged] to the bathroom,’ highlighting a blood-soaked scene with multiple shell casings scattered around.

The deceased family members were identified as Aida Garcia-Mendoza (mother), Reuben Olalde (father), Lisbet Olalde (adult sister), and 5-year-old Oliver Olalde (younger brother). The police findings suggested that the victims had been moved to the bathroom after being shot repeatedly at different locations in the house.

This horrifying incident serves as a brutal reminder of the darkness that can reside in seemingly ordinary households. The small town of Nash, Texas is left reeling, struggling to come to terms with the horror that unfolded in their midst.

Amidst the pain and shock, one can only hope for a thorough investigation, holding the perpetrator accountable, and justice for the victims.

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