Ted Cruz seems like the type of guy that if I had to drive from one end of Texas to the other, he is someone I would want in the car with me.

The fact of the matter is that Texas is so darned big that you probably have to stop to sleep in the car at some point. He’s trustworthy and you wouldn’t have to keep opening your eyes to make sure something happened to your wallet.

The problem with people like Ted Cruz, at least when it comes to Democrats is that he has a combination of telling the truth and what’s on his mind that comes out of his mouth. He’s not someone you are going to get a fake answer out of, even if it is at the expense of your feelings. I like people like that.

There is no one more out-of-touch, less self-aware, tone-deaf, and arrogant than former senator and secretary of state John Kerry.

Kerry has spent decades living as a 1 percenter while breezing through the upper echelons of American power he has no inkling of what life is like for the other 99 percent, and that became glaringly obvious again this week.

In supporting President Joe Biden’s imperial actions killing off the Keystone XL pipeline, rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, and halting oil and gas exploration on taxpayer-owned land, Kerry blithely dismissed the more than 11,000 fossil fuel workers immediately furloughed by the stroke of a pen.

The Daily Wire wrote:

On Wednesday, Kerry appeared in the White House briefing room to talk about President Joe Biden’s expansive climate change policy. During his first days in office, Biden signed executive orders killing an extension of the Keystone XL pipeline, which carries Canadian crude oil into the U.S., and ordering a temporary ban on oil drilling on federal lands. Economists estimate the loss of Keystone will cost 11,000 jobs, and it’s unknowable how many people will be put out of work by the 60-day ban.

But Kerry has an idea for all those displaced workers: Make solar panels…

Because, you know, every oil sector worker is dual-trained in a ‘green job’ as part of their apprenticeship and can just as easily assemble solar panels — or widgets — as safely and securely weld together massive sections of pipeline.

During the presser, Kerry was asked:

“Mr. Secretary, if you would, there’s — there certainly are oil and gas industry workers who are watching you both right now who will hear the message that’s — that the takeaway to them is that they are seeing an end to their livelihoods. What do you say to them, particularly those people who President Trump struck a chord with on the campaign trail when he promised to save their jobs? What is your message to them right now?”

“With respect to those workers, no — no two people are more — in this room, are more concerned about it. And the President of the United States has expressed, in every comment he has made about climate, the need to grow the new jobs that pay better, that are cleaner, that —” Kerry said, breaking off on a tangent about black lung disease for coal miners…

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