Ted Cruz Just Dropped A Bombshell About The Biden Garage Documents…

On his well-known podcast, “The Verdict,” Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz responded to the FBI finding six new classified “items” during a 12-hour search of President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home on Friday.

Several of the materials were from Biden’s time in the Senate, according to a statement released by Biden’s lawyer Bob Bauer after the search.

Cruz urged the Justice Department and the FBI to broaden their search for secret materials to the University of Delaware, where some 1,850 boxes of Biden’s Senate records are presently housed, in his podcast on Monday.

The senator said:

“Let me tell you what the next step in this scandal is going to be, the next step in this scandal is going to be, OK, if Biden’s Senate documents include classified documents outside of classified settings — which is illegal — how many more classified documents are illegally in his Senate papers?

“And here’s where this matters in particular, which is the University of Delaware has more than 1,850 boxes of records from Joe Biden’s Senate tenure which he gave to the University of Delaware.”

“Now the University of Delaware presumably does not have them in a SCIF [sensitive compartmented information facility]. It does not have them in a secure location.

“During the 2020 campaign, there was a concerted media effort to try to get access to those documents in particular, there were allegations of sexual harassment raised against Joe Biden, and the media wanted,Cruz continued.

“The University of Delaware has said, ‘Nope.’ They’re not releasing the documents to anybody until two years after Biden retires from public life.”

Then he issued a call to action, saying, “I am right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI to examine all 1,850 boxes of those Senate records to see how many additional classified documents are in those records.

“The answer should be none. But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason to have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents within those 1,850 boxes of Senate records.”

Since CBS News reported on January 9 that Biden’s lawyers had discovered 10 classified documents inside a closet in his office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington on November 2, the scandal surrounding the senator’s privileged correspondence has skyrocketed.

The sealed garage of Biden’s Wilmington house was later revealed to be the location of a second batch of secret documents that had been found on December 20 at a separate, undisclosed location.

Consequently, we now come to the six classified “items” that the FBI located on Friday.

The unexpected action of assigning a special counsel to look into Biden’s improper handling of secret documents was taken by Attorney General Merrick Garland. However, given that he had already taken the extraordinary step of instructing the FBI to search the Mar-a-Lago estate of former President Donald Trump in order to obtain “sensitive” documents, it would have been impossible to justify his decision not to appoint a special counsel for Biden in connection with the same offense.

How many additional privileged papers exist? Will the FBI next search Biden’s beach property in Rehoboth, Delaware? It ought to.

Well, naturally, regarding the content of the classified material,  the “most transparent administration ever” has consistently declined to divulge any information.

Hunter Biden’s homes should also be searched if a relationship with him can be established in this instance. According to the New York Post, the president’s son, who is the subject of a federal investigation, claimed to have stayed at the Wilmington house intermittently since divorcing his wife in April 2017.

The obvious comparisons to Trump’s improper handling of sensitive information started soon after the first batch of classified documents became public knowledge. The situations, as liberals declared, are very different. The general opinion was that Trump’s situation was much worse. They cited the vast volume of the implicated items as well as Trump’s resistance to the DOJ’s attempts to collect the records.

But things are starting to look considerably worse for Biden as a result of this probe. Trump was president, and as such, he had the power to declassify records. The only records that a vice president can declassify are those that he has classified. We have no knowledge of any specifics of the documents discovered thus far, thus we are unable to comment on this (see former President Barack Obama’s 2009 executive order).

As some of the records were discovered during his time in the Senate, we are aware that senators are not permitted to declassify information.

Additionally, Trump’s papers were kept in a safe location on the property that was under American security. Special Forces. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Biden’s have been discovered in a variety of unlocked places, including a storage facility in Washington’s Chinatown that was “overseen” by the University of Pennsylvania.

Cruz’s request that the FBI conduct an expedited examination of the University of Delaware’s storage facilities is totally proper.

But who knows what might be discovered? Around the 11-minute mark is when the remarks begin.

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