One of the things that you have to say about Ted Cruz is that he is someone that is willing to do anything h e can to make everyone in America safe.

What’s sad about that fact is that there are so many people that are just plain ungrateful to him and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

There are Democrats out there that will block legislation that he is trying to push that will keep us ll safe just because he is a Republicna. I thought the whole point of this experiment was to work together.

Senator Ted Cruz Re-Introduces the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act”, a bill that will stop the terrorists of the 92 year old brotherhood right in their tracks.

Senator Cruz was joined by conservative stalwarts Senators Jim Inhofe, Ron Johnson and Pat Roberts in working to hold the Muslim Brotherhood accountable for financing and promoting islamist terrorism around the world. reported,

“I am proud to reintroduce this bill and to advance America’s fight against radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said. “I commend the current administration’s work calling terrorism by its name and combatting the spread of this potent threat, and I look forward to receiving the additional information this new bill requests from the Department of State.”

Senator Inhofe added that, “Since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Brotherhood affiliated groups have consistently preached and incited hatred against Christians, Jews, and other Muslims while supporting designated radical terrorists,” he continued “I am proud that under the Trump administration we continue to call out and combat radical terrorism and I am glad to join my colleagues today in reintroducing this legislation. We must continue to condemn Foreign Terrorist Organizations and hold them accountable for the evil they perpetrate.”

Not The First Attempt by Sen. Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has been working to force Congress to face the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood since introducing the bill first in 2015 and again in 2017, both times it died in committee.

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