Car Explodes After Couple Transporting Grill Lights Cigarette

Lighting a cigarette at a gas station apparently isn’t the only place you should avoid to prevent an explosion.

Many items used in everyday life are highly flammable and we don’t much think that they need to be treated with extreme caution.

A recent propane tank explosion will have people thinking twice before smoking a cigarette while a grill is in the back seat…

A couple heading home from a BBQ in the park had their propane grill in the back of their SUV which seems perfectly fine. Unless you light a cigarette inside the car while the propane tank is slowly leaking gas into the vehicle.

This story will blow your socks off!

Via Fox News:

A Florida couple transporting a propane barbecue grill inside their SUV was injured Sunday after a woman lit a cigarette, sparking an explosion.

The grill was turned on and the propane tank was open in the back of the red Kia Sorento when the couple left a barbecue at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando police Lt. Cindy Lane told the Orlando Sentinel

After the explosion, the vehicle kept traveling until it crashed into a pole, according to Lane.

Both people inside the SUV sustained burns, but their injuries are not life-threatening, FOX35 Orlando reported.

Can you imagine?!

Come on people….

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