Trump supporting student recorded his teacher’s anti-Trump speech and his school is furious. What ever happened to keeping politics out of school? Find out what he is being threatened with:

VIA| A Republican student who attends Orange County College recently managed to get himself in some major trouble for recording a teacher ranting about the election of Donald Trump. He felt like he was being attacked and targeted as a Republican and decided to simply record what his professor was saying during a lecture.

That rant included a handful of gems that includes, but is not limited to these below…

“Our nation is divided. We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism,” she told the students.

She added, and this one is probably most infuriating to me, “One of the most frightening things for me, and most people in my life, is that the people who are committing the assault are among us.”

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What do you think should be done to this professor?

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