Trump Transition Emails Prove Obama Left Behind a Surveillance Spy Network Sabotaging Trump

Robert Mueller and his team of witch hunters have come into the possession of a flash drive that contained nearly a quarter million files from the General Services Administration server that were generated during the transition between Obama and Trump.

The GSA manages the basic functions of government from negotiating bulk buying agreements to the IT equipment the government.

During the transition the GSA provided President-elect Trump’s transition team with office space including “furniture, furnishings, office machines and equipment and office supplies,” and also “hosted their email services.

To protect transition team members, transition team attorney, Kory Langhofer, entered into an agreement with GSA General Counsel Richard Beckler that Langhofer says “acknowledged unequivocally to (the transition team’s) legal counsel, in the presence of Mr. Loewentritt, that (the transition) owned and controlled the PTT emails and data pursuant to the Presidential Transition Act and that the GSA had no right to access or control the records but was simply serving as (the team’s) records custodian.”

In August of this year Beckler was hospitalized and could no longer fulfill his responsibilities at General Counsel.  Loewentritt assumed that position and on September 1st he authorized the documents be turned over the special counsel who by then had grown so desperate to find something on President Trump that they were willing to circumvent all laws governing the procurement of evidence.

This Saturday realizing what had happened, Trump’s Presidential Transition Team attorney, Langhofer wrote to both the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that Beckler had “assured legal counsel” that “any requests for the production of PTT records would therefore be routed to legal counsel” (for the transition.)

Langhofer says that Beckler “assured legal counsel” that “any requests for the production of PTT records would therefore be routed to legal counsel (for the transition.)

Trump Transition Team Lawyer Letter by Grant Stern on Scribd

According to a report by Fox News John Roberts and Alex Pappas, Loewentritt now denies any such assurances were made:

“In an interview with BuzzFeed News Saturday evening, GSA Deputy Counsel Lenny Loewentritt denied Langhofer’s claim that then-GSA General Counsel Richard Beckler had promised that any requests for transition team records would be “routed to legal counsel for [Trump for America].”

Had Loewentritt gotten a subpoena for those records he had an obligation to notify the Trump transition team but did not.