President Trump landed in South Korea and brought along something that should have North Korea trembling in fear.

South Korea

Kim Jong Un is the toddler tyrant controlling North Korea and immaturely threatening America with nuclear fall out because Trump is now the leader. North Korea has openly threatened South Korea, Guam, and America with a nuclear attack thinking that we would bow down as in the days of Obama. Wrong.

President Trump is only interested in the diplomatic approach when the recipient is of mature intelligence, something Kim Jong Un is severely lacking in. Therefore his recent trip to Korea was accompanied by a power house that should send the message loud and clear the North Korea better stand down or face the inevitable loss against America that will come swiftly if this asinine behavior continues.

Via Liberty Writers:

President Trump landed in Seoul, South Korea and was given a royal welcome.

Trump then spoke at press conference with President Moon Jae-in at the Blue House. They inspected US and South Korean troops together.

The massive thing behind Trump was the three new US aircraft carriers equipped with guided-missile destroyers and submarines that are playing war games in the waters behind him.

North Korea needs to realize they are no longer dealing with the scared tactics of the Obama administration that always sought diplomacy, no Trump is more than Han willing to use the untouchable arsenal that America is currently packing, so bring it on.

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