Kamala Harris, the useless, cackling “VP” shrew, continues to take hits.

We’re actually seeing just how disastrous it was, Her foreign policy trip was bad and the fallout has been pretty massive.

Kamala was “ill-prepared” and that she was “cringe-worthy,” They call it a “disaster.” According to Biden’s staff, is Team Biden throwing Kamala under the bus on purpose? It’s fascinating that this is taking place.

According to recent polling, Kamala is a dumpster fire in terms of “approval” and “popularity.”

Are they cutting their losses?

According to The Hill Reports,

Biden allies and even some people close to Harris said they viewed her trip to Guatemala and Mexico as a “disaster,” as one put it.

They said they were left wondering why she seemed so ill-prepared to handle basic questions like “Why you haven’t been to the border?” that has been telegraphed by Republicans and conservative media as well as more mainstream outlets given her focus on the Northern Triangle countries and immigration.

Almost everyone inside and outside the White House shook their heads when Harris mentioned visiting the border during the trip.

According to Biden’s longtime ally “It wasn’t great, a little cringe-worthy too. I don’t know how they weren’t prepared for these questions.”

Another ally stated: “It was terrible. I don’t know how else to say it.”

The allies cited a number of comments of Harris and the Biden administration that provided an easy talking point.

On Monday’s press conference, they pointed to Harris’s remarks where she pointedly told migrants “do not come” to the border. Those comments drew a backlash from Progressives, like Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who reacted to the remarks, saying they sent the wrong signal.

In an interview with NBC News Lester Holt, on the following day, Harris appeared defensive when Holt repeatedly inquired if she was going to the border, according to the sources.

“We are going to the border, we’ve been to the border,” Harris told Holt. When Holt asked her she had not visited the border, Harris replied: “And I haven’t been to Europe.”

The Handlers will have a difficult time passing the baton to Harris.

In terms of “mental stability,” Biden is on his final legs, and he doesn’t appear to have much “leg” left in him… But what comes after that? Put in place one of history’s most despised politicians? A lady who is so detested that she gives Hillary Clinton a run for her money?

It’s one thing to be an unlikeable shrew; it’s quite another to be an unlikeable shrew who is also inept.

Kamala was forced to drop out of the Democrat Primary, We’re now seeing in “real-time” why…She sucks.

Sources: waynedupree.com, thehill.com.

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  1. Sammi

    So, Biden is mentally not at home upstairs, Commie Harris is unlikable & inept.
    Our options are?
    Take Biden out for medical reasons, Harris will become the alleged prez Piglosi will be VP, then kick Harris out (who cares why). Piglosi will become prez & will appoint either Killery K.
    Klinton (KKK) or Barry Obama.
    This will be worse than before.
    We’ve got to get Trump back in ASAP


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