There is a reason why I do not use any social media of any kind a good portion of the time, it’s because it’s just so much damn work.

Look at how long someone takes when quickly viewing their Facebook profile. It can take hours for a quick glance.

At the end of the day, aside from the fact that they will squash what you want to say if they don’t agree with it, it is just a continuation of high school that nobody needs or should want to deal with.

Head of social media app Instagram Adam Mosseri said Monday that Facebook has a bias, replying to a tweet about the massive platform, “We’re not neutral.” Well, that’s been obvious for years now. President Trump warned us, and now it’s here. Full blown Communist censorship in America.

“We’re not neutral,” Mosseri admitted of Facebook (which owns Instagram). “No platform is neutral, we all have values and those values influence the decisions we make.”

“We try and be apolitical,” he said, “but that’s increasingly difficult, particularly in the US where people are more and more polarized.”

Mosseri’s comments came on the heels of the apparently coordinated censorship of President Donald Trump from Twitter, Facebook, and then YouTube. Apple, Google, and Amazon, too, teamed up in nuking Parler, an alternative to Twitter, for allegedly insufficiently censoring “violent content.”

The Instagram head was responding to a comment from tech writer Will Oremus regarding Facebook’s announcement of Roy Austin, formerly of the Obama administration, to serve as Facebook’s “VP of Civil Rights.”

“Roy Austin Jr. has been named vice president of civil rights with the mandate to oversee Facebook’s accountability on racial hatred and discrimination on its platform,” reported NPR. “He’s slated to start Jan. 19.”

Big Tech declares war on Conservatives

In response to the announcement, Oremus posted: “This feels like the kind of move that Facebook could have made 5+ years ago if it hadn’t been so intent at the time on portraying itself as a neutral platform and promoting online connection as an absolute good.”

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