You can always tell who did a favor for who because oftentimes that person will get paid back in some respect.

For example, I helped a friend of mine haul firewood one time, something I would have done for free. About two weeks later, I get a gift card in the mail to my favorite place to eat. Was one of those things where I wasn’t expecting it.

Also, when people do favors for people they do it knowing that they are going to get paid back and they do everything they can to make sure the job they are effectively being hired for is done as well as they possibly can.

Guess who magically got a job working for George Soros, none other than the chairman of Smartmatic, Mark Malloch Brown.” How convenient. Of course liberals won’t admit that Dominion Voting Systems is “legally” connected in any way through stock ownership or anything.

They don’t talk about the other shady connections. The evil tentacles of the Open Societies Foundation are twisted into everything.

All the progressive globalists of the New World Order swear up and down that George “Darth” Soros isn’t part of some evil cabal scheming to subjugate the entire planet. It’s only coincidence, they insist, that the tentacles of the Open Societies Foundation are twisted into all the Deep State crevices of the corrupt Washington swamp.

Now, various conservative news outlets are reporting that the billionaire socialist appointed Mark Malloch Brown, the chairman of of the company which owns voting machine software giant Smartmatic. That company in turn, has questionable connections to Dominion Voting Systems.

Sydney Powell decided to sic her pet Kraken on Smartmatic last week, dragging the company into the center of the spotlight shining into the “numerous voting irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.”

Powell uncovered “a massive voter fraud effort to overturn the election results from President Trump to Biden.”

As Associated Press fact checkers carefully spin, “Smartmatic does not own Dominion Software.” They’re more like “kissing cousins.” What the liberal media isn’t saying is that the same engineers worked for both companies.”

They also don’t want you to know that there are other undocumented but substantial ties which indicate that Dominion sprang up as a new and squeeky clean entity intentionally to distance the voting machine maker from it’s scandalous roots.

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