A rising contender for the Democratic presidential nomination is shaking up the political landscape, exposing deep divisions within the party as voters seek alternatives to the struggling incumbent.

It seems that most mainstream Democrats and their media partners are unwilling to admit that Joe Biden faces considerable competition for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination. Nonetheless, the reality of the situation remains.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a long-time environmental lawyer, and activist, announced his candidacy earlier this month and quickly gained traction, polling in the double digits. A recent Fox News survey shows his popularity among Democratic voters is on the rise, causing even dedicated Democrats like HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher to take notice.

During the “Overtime” segment on CNN, Maher discussed a viewer’s question about a Fox News poll that revealed RFK Jr. polling at 19%, a significant number compared to President Biden’s 62% among Democratic primary voters. This comes despite Biden’s incumbent advantage. Meanwhile, Marianne Williamson, a spiritual guru, and former 2020 presidential candidate, only received 9% in the same poll.

Maher expressed surprise at RFK Jr.’s rapid rise in popularity as Biden’s approval ratings plummet to the lowest point of his presidency. Michael Moynihan, co-host of “The Fifth Column” podcast, pointed out that several polls indicate that up to 70% of Americans don’t want Biden to run for re-election, suggesting that people are seeking alternatives.

Moynihan also revealed that the Democratic Party leadership is working behind the scenes to shield the incumbent, despite the majority of voters wanting to move on from Biden, who is perceived to be struggling both physically and mentally. Moynihan lamented, “And I really wish it wasn’t Robert Kennedy, but the DNC right now is lining up the troops and is going to prevent him from doing any damage.”

Moynihan mentioned that the DNC is unlikely to hold primary debates, and RFK Jr. will likely be sidelined. If Kennedy chooses to run as a third-party candidate, a new situation may arise. When asked why he didn’t support RFK Jr. as the leading Democratic alternative to Biden, Moynihan highlighted Kennedy’s controversial past positions and statements, including his opposition to vaccines, advocating for the imprisonment of climate change deniers, and praise for former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

Despite RFK Jr.’s controversial past, Maher defended him against accusations of being a “nut” when it comes to COVID or vaccines. Meanwhile, in an interview on one of Tucker Carlson’s last Fox News programs, RFK Jr. criticized Biden’s administration for the economic struggles faced by the majority of Americans.

During the interview, RFK Jr. spoke about the corrupt merger of state and corporate power, which he believes is turning the U.S. into a corporate kleptocracy. He also mentioned that 57% of American citizens couldn’t access $1,000 in case of an emergency and that a quarter of the population is hungry.

RFK Jr. condemned the government’s actions, such as cutting welfare and food stamps by 90% while bailing out bankers and funding a war that the country can’t afford. He argued that the excessive printing of money in the past 14 years is the cause of inflation, which results in higher food prices and serves as a tax on the poor.

As the competition for the Democratic nomination heats up, it’s clear that the party’s leadership must face the reality of Biden’s declining popularity and the rise of alternative candidates like RFK Jr. The debate surrounding these candidates highlights the growing dissatisfaction among Democratic voters, as well as the need for the party to address the concerns of the American people.

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Sources: ConservativeBrief, FoxNews

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