SICK: American Mosque CAUGHT Performing Child Bride Marriages…

In a shocking display of disregard for the law and morality, a radical mosque in Philadelphia has been found to be facilitating marriages between underage girls and adult men. This distressing revelation comes from the Clarion Intelligence Network, which states that sources are aware of an ongoing investigation into these illegal marriages that have been occurring for years.

Local news reports claim that a 14-year-old girl was forced to marry a man more than twice her age at the Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo mosque in Philadelphia. This man allegedly abused her 10-year-old sister as well. The mosque has been linked to other extremist mosques and organizations, raising concerns about the spread of such heinous practices.

The investigation began when the now 17-year-old girl shared a Facebook video recounting her traumatic experience with Rajmann Sanders, the man she was forced to marry. She revealed that she was a “virgin” at the time and that her marriage did not last. She also expressed her dismay at how the abuse of her 10-year-old sister was swept under the rug and not addressed properly.

Rajmann Sanders now faces charges of rape, indecent assault, and forcible compulsion, among others. He is even accused of threatening to shoot one of his victims after assaulting her. While Sanders is currently in jail, his victims have been placed in protective custody.

Disturbingly, it is alleged that the imam of the mosque was directly involved in organizing and officiating these child bride marriages for years. As more people from the community come forward to share their stories, the horrifying extent of these illicit activities becomes even more apparent.

‘Opposing Views’ shared the story of another victim who claimed that she too was illegally married at the mosque. This victim urged the community to be vigilant and to protect their children from such predatory behavior. She stated, “No one should want their kids around this, especially with the pedophilia, that should be enough to say no I don’t want my kids around this.”

Although Sanders’s public defender could not be reached for comment, it has been confirmed that the suspect remains in custody. The ongoing investigation into the mosque and its activities continues, but fortunately, the victims are now safe and under the care of the Department of Human Services for protective custody.

This appalling case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by radical ideologies that seek to undermine the values of our society. We must condemn these actions and ensure that those responsible for such atrocities are brought to justice. It is our duty to protect the most vulnerable among us and uphold the rule of law.

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We must also hold the Democrats accountable for turning a blind eye to these illegal activities, which have been allowed to fester for far too long. Their inaction and complacency have enabled these atrocities to occur, jeopardizing the safety of innocent children. We must demand that they take a firm stance against all forms of extremism and work towards the eradication of such abhorrent practices from our communities.

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