A young woman, standing at an impressive six feet and two inches tall, opens up on TikTok about the struggles and criticism she faces daily due to her above-average height.

Meet Lilly Ryan, a young woman who turns heads wherever she goes, and not just because she’s strikingly beautiful with her red hair. Standing at an impressive six feet and two inches tall, this Miami University student has found that her height can be both a blessing and a curse. She recently opened up in a candid TikTok video about the struggles she faces daily due to her above-average stature.

Lilly’s TikTok video quickly gained traction, racking up over two hundred thousand views.

The video was captioned, “No, I do not play basketball! #Tallgirl #accurate.” In it, she shares some of the typical questions and comments she encounters as a tall woman. Among the most common remarks she hears are, “You’d be pretty, but you’re too tall” and “Why are you six feet two inches?” as if she has control over her height!

Other questions Lilly frequently faces include, “Do you play basketball?” and “Damn girl, you’re tall. Why are your legs long?” She has even experienced strangers approaching her out of the blue to tell her that she’s “too tall” to be considered attractive.

To address her critics, Lilly has come up with a go-to response: “You’re f***ing delusional.” Her TikTok video, which quickly went viral, garnered over twenty thousand likes, and a flood of comments from viewers sharing their thoughts and support.

One commenter wrote, “You are cute,” while another chimed in, “All us tall girls are always cute.”

Another person pointed out that, “In France, tall girls are the pretty/most desired girl. They’re all the models.”

This comment was echoed by another supporter, who added, “Okay, but we all know with your looks, you could totally be a model.”

The outpouring of support continued, with one commenter writing, “You’re beautiful, don’t listen to those insecure little boys that can’t handle your height.” Another quipped, “Give me some height, please,” likely expressing their own wish for a few extra inches.

In a follow-up TikTok video, Lilly acknowledged her height once again, saying:

“You know that really, really tall girl you go to school with? Yes, that’s me. Sixteen years old and six foot two.” In a third video, she gave viewers a glimpse of a recent photoshoot she participated in, showcasing her natural talent in front of the camera. She wrote, “So I’ve always wanted to model professionally, and I’ve finally got some updated pictures.” She added, “Wish me luck!”

Lilly Ryan’s story serves as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that being true to yourself is the most important thing. Her openness about the struggles she faces as a tall woman has resonated with many, offering a refreshing perspective on embracing one’s uniqueness and defying societal expectations.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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