Every so often, my wife will sit down and watch one of these TV shows that’s all about plastic surgery disasters.

Most of the people on these shows are folks that have suffered from legit malpractice that could happen anywhere in the civilized world. However, there’s one thing that you should always consider when you go to get some kind of work done.

Some countries just aren’t that well known for excellent plastic surgery. Also, the market price for something like that is priced the way it is for a reason. At the end of the day, when something seems like the price is a little too low, chances are the quality is going to dip as well.

When a hot, young mom from Stockholm, Sweden, wanted to get a breast augmentation, she looked to her favorite celebrities for recommendations. The mother of two, Angelica Isaksen, soon found a place in Turkey that offered the surgery she wanted at half the price.

The Swedish bombshell flew to Turkey after finding the clinic on her Instagram feed and was delighted to see that the price was about half what she paid for her first breast augmentation, which had simply not been big enough for her needs.

The 27-year-old was desperate to get her body back. She used to compete in bikini competitions, but since having two babies, her body was ruined. But when she found her favorite celebrities promoting the no-name clinic in Turkey, she booked an appointment and a flight to get the job done that she needed to get done so she could get back into the competition.

The 27-year-old didn’t stop at the breast augmentation. She also got a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck during her six-day stay at the Turkish clinic. But as soon as she saw the results, she knew something was wrong.

In just days, her right breast ballooned and turned red. The pain was throbbing throughout her, but the clinic told her not to worry because the painful side effect was allegedly “normal.”

Two weeks later, the pain was still there. Then the scar beneath her breast opened up, and the implant, along with the brown liquid, began to ooze right through. Since the botched plastic surgery, Isaksen has removed her Turkish implants and returned to a B-cup. Now she is coming forward to share her nightmare of a story, so other people don’t do desperate things to get the body of their dreams.

Not only did the Turkish surgeons botch the job, but the Swedish mother also contracted MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant infection.

The botched plastic surgery job has caused a lot of strife in her life. She said she could not look after her two children because of the infection that threatened her life.

“Immediately after surgery, I knew something wasn’t right as my right breast was swollen and sore. I have had surgery before, and a caesarean, so I can handle pain. But this was horrendous. After two days, my breast started leaking with blood, but I was told it was ‘normal’ and was made out to be overreacting. They didn’t remove the tape to see what was going on. I assume the tape was holding the incision together.”

She added, “After six days in Turkey, I returned home, and I took the tape off. The stitches were opening, and my breast continued to bleed. It was so scary. I added pressure to it with a towel and started panicking as I could see the implant coming out. I was so worried in case it fell out onto my lap.”

“By the time I got to the hospital, it was pouring with blood. They took me straight in for tests. They came back saying I had MRSA.”

Fortunately, she’s on the mend.

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