Although random acts of kindness may appear insignificant, they have the potential to positively impact people’s lives. Being nice is always a good idea, whether it involves making someone smile, wiping away their tears, or simply listening to them.

Frequently, when we have heartwarming surprises, we think of our loved ones. After all, those that value us would never want to witness our suffering. But when a total stranger surprises you, is it ever pleasant? Your confidence in people will be restored by today’s tale.

Robert Reboredo and Jessica was a match made in heaven. Through shared friends, the couple first connected, and they immediately felt a connection. Robert and Jessica got married and started a family right away, becoming loving parents to four adorable kids. Robert worked as a woodworker, while Jessica was a server at Chili’s in Las Vegas. All of the family’s children, who were under the age of six, depended on the couple’s hard work.

The Reboredo family was living a comfortable existence until an unimaginable catastrophe rocked their world and turned it upside down. Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25, and it had already progressed to his lungs.

Robert didn’t take long to start losing the struggle against the incurable illness. With his condition, Robert couldn’t go home to his family or continue working as a wood craftsman. Instead, he was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles, hours away from his beloved wife and sweet children.

Jessica Reboredo

The couple was unable to pay for Jessica to take time off work because of their mounting debt. Jessica frequently worked a late-night job before traveling more than four hours to see her husband because she couldn’t bear to see him struggle alone. She resorted to sleeping in her car because she couldn’t afford a motel before returning and repeating the process. Despite her terrifying ordeal, the brave woman greeted everyone with a warm smile and stayed resilient through life’s endless trials and tribulations.

“This week I had to just do it on a drop of a dime, and I couldn’t afford it, so I slept in my car for a day. But I’m trying to smile through it still. I have to. That’s what everyone knows me for,” Jessica Reboredo recalled.

However, the biggest and most heartwarming surprise was yet to be revealed.

Kimberly, Jessica’s previous second-grade teacher, showed a great deal of concern for her and her family. She remained good friends with her throughout the years. Regarding her student, Kimberly expressed her support by reaching out to the FOX5 Surprise Squad to rally the community around the young mom,

“She’s worried about the van going back and forth. She’s concerned with losing the home. Any little bit helps,” said Kimberly, Jessica’s former teacher.

Jessica was wrapping up her routine shift at Chili’s hours before beginning the taxing drive back to L.A. She was shocked to find a $200 tip that a customer had left on the table. She put it down to a lucky break and continued serving the next customer, who gave her $300 more. The client told her to retain the change when she attempted to get their change back. Her perplexity grew as each new customer left $500, then $1,000.

“You guys have no idea how much this means to me. My husband is actually in the hospital. I almost lost him a week ago,” Jessica Reboredo told one of the customers.

The Surprise Squad entered the room and announced that the neighborhood had learned about Jessica Reboredo’s struggles and wanted to give her a surprise while she reeled from the accumulating tips. Before she could respond, they gave her a new car to make the usual trip, a $10,000 payment to help with bills, and free hotel rooms in Los Angeles.

Jessica sobbed as she expressed her gratitude to the news crew and the audience for their kindness. A well-known person suddenly emerged from the crowd. Kimberly hugged the crying waitress, letting her know she wasn’t alone and held her a big bouquet.

“I had no idea. I thought it was just me and my family out there trying to do this. Trying to keep all our hopes and dreams alive and bringing Daddy back home,” Jessica Reboredo said.

The young mother and her children’s lives were drastically altered by the money and the car. She admitted to the television crew that her biggest struggle was maintaining her composure around her 4-year-old daughter, her 2-year-old twin sons, and her 6-month-old baby.

Jessica Reboredo said, “Luckily, my kids are young enough that I can shelter them from this. But, my biggest thing is just keep your head high and keep smiling because, as long as you can keep smiling, you’ll make it through.”

However, the devoted father passed suddenly soon after the neighborhood came to Jessica’s aid, although Jessica clung to the hope that Robert would return home. We can only presume that he was content knowing that Jessica and his kids would have the love and care of others while he was away.

Jessica Reboredo and her kids were doing well after Robert died, owing to the support of loved ones. The neighborhood has worked to make sure that the people who were most important to Robert are getting the care they require. Robert lives on in their hearts.

This is how the community should react when tragedy and adversity occur. One young mother’s tremendous load was made just a tiny bit lighter by the generosity of strangers.

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