Hearts are like ticking time bombs. People suffer from heart attacks or heart failure and pass away all the time. It’s a sad reality that Tina Hines from Phoenix, Arizona, knows all too well. But for this mother of four, death was an eye-opening glitch you’ll have to read to believe.

Tina collapsed while she was heading out with her husband Brian in Phoenix Arizona and had to be resuscitated around six times.

The mother-of-four had been “dead” for around 27 minutes while medics fought hard to save her life.

When she woke up at the hospital, she found herself unable to speak because of the breathing tubes put in place to keep her alive. So, she motioned for someone to bring her a piece of paper and something to write with. What was she trying to say? Her niece had the answers.

She managed to draw/scribble a bunch of lines and, on close inspection, the lines appeared to read, “It’s real”.

Tina was referring to heaven and claims that she was able to see it during her near-death experience post a heart attack in February.

Her worried and concerned family asked her what her lines meant and a mute Tina gestured her head towards the sky.

She later claimed that she had seen the figure of Jesus Christ standing in front of pearl-colored gates with a very bright light behind him.

After her miraculous recovery, she told AZfamily.com, “It was so real—the colors were so vibrant.”

Tina’s niece Madie wrote about the apparent spiritual encounter with a tattoo of the scrawl.

This is what Madie wrote on Instagram:

“A little over a year ago my Aunt Tina, one of the most amazing, discerning, and healthy people I know had an unexpected cardiac arrest and according to doctors had died and was brought back to life four times by my Uncle Brian and first responders before arriving at the hospital. She was put on a defibrillator and after miraculously waking up the first thing she did, unable to speak because she was intubated, was ask for a pen and in my cousin’s journal wrote ‘it’s real.’ The people in the room asked ‘what’s real?’ and she responded by pointing up to heaven with tears in her eyes.”

“Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen. It has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away. I love you (Tina Hines). The way you boldly love Jesus and others has changed the way I hope to live and love.”

According to studies, one in five patients who suffer from cardiac arrest experience “near-death episodes”. Scientists believe that a burst of brain activity often follows a sudden heart attack.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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