If there is one thing that I do not understand it is the idea of people wanting to defund the police. Yes, there are still people that want to totally abolish any kind of police force.

Well, I have to ask you this, what would happen if one of these folks actually needed the help of a police officer what the police officer would say.

The cop would still help them. That being said, when most of us call the police it is for something important like you’ve been in a car accident or someone is in trouble…

If there was one word that could be used to accurately described 99& of politicians in this country, and likely the world, it would be ‘hypocrite.’  The do as I say, not as a do mantra seems to be the rule in the swamp and in legislatures and executive offices across the land.  Be it exemption from the affordable care act (I mean, heck, just look at the name!) to the ‘Patriot Act’ everything that comes out of the government and it’s minions is hypocritical.

Take for instance those, oh so wise, Democrats who want to ‘defend’ and.or ‘abolish’ the police.  All too often it turns out that they are among the people who call for help from the fuzz the most often.  Here is one such example …

Portland’s City Commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty, called 911 this month after her Lyft driver canceled her ride when driver and passenger entered a dispute.

On November 1st, Hardesty ordered a Lyft ride from the ilani Casino Resort in Richland, Washington. The ride immediately started on the wrong foot when there was confusion between Hardesty and driver about the pickup location.

“It kind of went south from there,” driver Richmond Frost recalled. Frost has been driving for Lyft for four years, and has handled more than 18,000 rides.

Frost was unable to calm her frustration about the pickup location mixup. As they began their drive, Hardesty requested that Frost roll up his windows.

Lyft’s COVID policy includes recommendations to keep car windows open when carrying passengers. In compliance with that recommendation, Frost had his front driver’s side and front passenger’s side windows cracked.

At Hardesty’s request, he rolled them up slightly, but kept them cracked. He explained that it was for the safety of them both.

At that point, Frost says Hardesty went “ballistic”:

“…that was like pouring gas on her fire. She demanded that I close that window right now. She was kind of ballistic at that point.”

Hardesty continued to demand that the windows be rolled up, so Frost exited I-5, pulled into a Chevron gas station, and requested that she exit the car and order another ride. He explained to The Oregonian that canceling the ride was “in the best interest for both of us.”

According to Frost, the Chevron was “lit up like a football field,” and he pulled up next to its front door.

But Hardesty refused to leave and demanded that Frost take her back to the casino, proceed to her destination, or order her a new Lyft.

Frost explained only she could order a new Lyft, and insisted that the ride was canceled.

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  1. Teresa

    That lady should have been made to pay for the officers showing up, since she wants to defund them. How dare she! Only wants help from the police when it suits her 🤬


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