A woman who desperately sought a hair makeover at a salon ended up fleeing without paying her bill, only to be exposed by the salon’s creative use of surveillance footage and social media.

Feeling terrible about her looks, the woman pleaded for an emergency makeover in the salon. The stylist graciously accommodated her, but the woman fled without paying the hefty $900 bill. Little did she know, the salon staff had a creative method to ensure she faced the consequences of her actions.

At De Cielo Salon and Spa in Burbank, California, stylist Samantha Richards encountered a frantic woman named “Ashley.” Although she didn’t have an appointment, Samantha squeezed her in out of sympathy. Unbeknownst to the stylist, this desperate bride-to-be would soon leave her high and dry.

Samantha Richards

Samantha devoted six hours to removing Ashley’s hair extensions, coloring her hair, and reinstalling the extensions. The work wasn’t cheap, totaling $900. Instead of paying, Ashley dashed to the restroom and then fled the salon, hopping into a license plate-less white SUV.

Samantha Richards

But the salon staff wasn’t about to let Ashley get away without repercussions. Armed with surveillance footage, they exposed her on their Facebook page, ultimately leading to her downfall. It turned out Ashley’s real name was Lavette Walter, a 28-year-old from Sylmar who had pulled this stunt before.

After posting the surveillance video online, it took a vigilant citizen just 24 hours to identify Walter and alert the police. Another stylist recognized her as well, having been scammed by Walter the previous month. With this valuable information, authorities issued a warrant and apprehended Walter on suspicion of burglary. Held on $20,000 bail, her long history of theft finally caught up with her.

While some have criticized the salon’s pricing, they fail to consider the cost of hair extensions and other supplies. It’s essential to understand the expenses involved before requesting such services. If you can’t afford it, don’t get it.

Thanks to people like Walter, it’s no surprise if salons start requiring credit cards or IDs before beginning work on clients. However, on a lighter note, at least Walter’s hair looked good for her mugshot.

WATCH the video below:

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