Tough love can be awfully heartbreaking sometimes. Tough on the parent as well as the child. But there are times when it just has to be done.

One of the most important things we can do as parents are teach our kids gratitude. But you know what? It’s also one of the hardest! Some kids aren’t born understanding how to feel empathy and appreciate the life we work hard to give them.

Haley Hassell, a single mom from Florida, shared the “tough love” lesson she taught her daughter, Presleigh, in a Facebook post that’s gone viral.

According to Haley, she went to three different stores to find the exact pencil case that Presleigh wanted. Haley also revealed that she supports Presleigh on her own and works hard to provide her with what she needs.

I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to her story.

However, Presleigh’s reaction to the new pencil case wasn’t what Haley expected.

“…she stared at it and threw it in the trash and slammed the bedroom door. She yelled ‘that’s stupid, everyone in my class has that..I don’t want it anymore!’”

Haley said that she was trying to keep her cool since she had spent so much time and money finding the pencil case. Many parents know how hard it can be to keep their own anger in check when their kid starts acting out.

Since Presleigh was acting so “ungrateful”, her mom wanted her to learn a lesson from this situation. Haley said she decided to give her daughter a “wake-up” call.

Despite her anger and disappointment, Haley devised an ingenious plan to serve as a wake-up call for Presleigh. As a replacement, she was given a Ziploc bag, which absolutely infuriated her to the point where she started crying.

“SO before completely going Madea mad on my child I check myself and say, “okay that’s fine, let me go get the one you’re going to use”…came back with her new pencil box, which is the Ziploc bag. She lost her mind!”

On top of this new case, Haley told her daughter to get the new pencil case out of the trash so they could give it to a student who would appreciate it, that maybe can’t afford fun school supplies like that or any school supplies.

She continued: “Suddenly the LOL Box she just trashed was good enough, and the Ziploc bag was horrible…but it’s too late for all that. I told her to get the LOL out of the trash, and we would be finding a child to give it to whose mommy and daddies don’t have money for any school supplies or someone who may not even have a mommy or daddy.”

“I’m trying real hard not to lose it on this kid that I have worked so hard to completely take care of financially on my own and always make sure she gets what she needs and then some.” Haley also said in her post.

The comments were a mix of support for the actions that Hassell took and of course shaming, that the punishment was too harsh.

Either way, this tantrum was relatable enough to a lot of moms out there, so much so that it went viral and brought a lot of attention to how kids are raised these days, reminding all of us that we should be grateful for what we have.

Source: AWM

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