Khloe Kardashian has been causing a stir among her fans lately. In a recent family beach vacation, pictures of the reality star running around with her daughter True were released and fans were quick to notice how thin her legs were. Concerned fans took to social media to express their worries that Khloe may have lost too much weight too fast.

The pictures were taken at Malibu Beach in Southern California, where Khloe was captured having fun with her daughter in the sand. She was wearing a black tank top and black yoga pants, and sunglasses to keep her identity hidden. Some photographers snapped pictures of Khloe and her daughter while they were playing in the sand.

The photos were shared on a Reddit forum dedicated to fans of the Kardashians, and many expressed their concerns about Khloe’s weight loss.

One fan wrote, “Yeah, these are the first pics that have actually made me think she has a serious problem. We’re witnessing her wasting away.”

Another fan added, “Omg, this made me gasp out loud. She looks extremely unwell, wow. Her body is TINY, her hip bones, her forearms, thighs, etc….just looks like she’s gone way too far.”

In addition to the beach photos, Khloe also made headlines after modeling her company’s new High Shine Compression Pink Catsuit. The outfit is made from a smooth high shine compression fabric that sculpts, smooths, and defines curves. The website promises that the outfit will make people look slimmer while still being comfortable.

However, Khloe looked far too thin while modeling the outfit, and fans were quick to notice. Despite this, Khloe seemed to be unaware of her appearance and even praised the outfit, saying, “I love the seam on the small part of your waist because it really does cinch you. And it’s all compression, so it feels really good. Plus, it’s a little shiny.”

Fans are worried that Khloe may have taken her weight loss too far and are hoping that she finds happiness and peace. As one fan put it, “I hope she finds her happiness. Watching her over the years has been heartbreaking.”

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