She Posted A Photo Of Her Belly Bump And People Immediately Called The Police…

A pregnant Carolina woman, with baby number four, posted a photo of her growing baby bump on social media in order to shut her “haters” up.  Although, the photo went mostly unnoticed for days, and one user commented that the woman looked “sexy.” One observant person, however, quickly called the cops after taking a look closer.

The 26-year-old Cherokee, North Carolina woman Natasha Kirkland was apparently excited to be expecting her fourth child. Some people, however, questioned if she was indeed pregnant. Since that the selfie-obsessed social media user hadn’t shared any belly photo, as reported by eBaum World, her alleged “haters” were skeptical and wondered if the pregnancy was a ruse.

As she was more than willing to prove that she was indeed knocked up once again.

Natasha stood proudly with her belly hanging out below the tank top she had pulled up to expose all of her glory, bearing her growing baby bump at 20 weeks along for all to see. As Natasha posed for a picture in a room of her home, hoping to shut up those who doubted her pregnancy.

Natasha Kirkland Pregnant Mom Posts Belly Photo Social Media Users Call The Cops

However, she was exposed much more than intended, and before sharing it with the world, she must not have looked too closely at the photo. Unfortunately for her, that was a big mistake that would land her behind bars. Natasha, who spells her name “Natosha” on Facebook, made the big bare-bump image her profile picture, aside from posting the image on social media, in a hurry to shut her haters down.

Natasha’s new photo didn’t initially attract much attention. Instead, the picture remained on her timeline and on her friends’ newsfeeds for several days. With the exception of two comments, one of which said the expectant mother looked “sexy,” it went largely ignored until a more perceptive social media user pointed out obvious problems, and three days after the photo was posted, Natasha Kirkland was then arrested.

While evidence of her pregnancy was provided, she also demonstrated something else about herself that was particularly troubling. And what she was doing was a big problem for social media users, concerned about the growing baby inside her. Natasha was apparently in such a rush to take the photo that she dropped everything she was doing to pose for it.

A stool in the background, where Natasha had left her medications, spoon, and syringes in plain sight, was visible to those with keen eyes for details. There was, however, a much bigger problem. The expecting mother was unable to even claim ownership of the illegal drugs since she had also placed an elastic tourniquet, or “tie-off,” on her upper arm. Intravenous drug users use these devices to make their veins enlarge so that they can be detected and injected more easily. In other words, it was crystal clear that Natasha had either just shot up or was about to do so.

Natasha Kirkland Pregnant Mom Posts Belly Photo Social Media Users Call The Cops

Three days after the incriminating photo was used as her profile picture, she was detained on a number of offenses, but none of them concerned drugs or endangering children. Natasha was only held accountable for some ongoing violations, such as driving while having a license that has been revoked, felony credit card fraud, and felony obtaining goods under false pretenses, Starcasm reported, even though she had previously acknowledged using drugs in another article. She was also charged with larceny of a firearm, a felony, according to the North Carolina court schedule.

Natasha Kirkland Pregnant Mom Posts Belly Photo Social Media Users Call The Cops

Natasha attempted to save face by claiming that her Facebook account had been hacked and that the hacker had shared an old photo of her, Newsely reported. She backed up her hacking allegation by claiming to be clean when she got caught, despite the fact that she acknowledged having her children taken from her in the past. The fact that Natasha Kirkland acknowledged “taking her drugs” when the photo of her was taken, in which it is obvious that she was carrying a baby, doesn’t change despite her lame explanations.

Natasha Kirkland Pregnant Mom Posts Belly Photo Social Media Users Call The Cops

Regardless of whether Natasha Kirkland was pregnant at the time or not, the image demonstrated that she posed a risk to the unborn child. Sadly, she didn’t appear to clean up her act either. Despite the fact that the image first went viral in 2015, it has since circulated numerous times, leaving many people wondering what Natasha has been up to. However, it’s hard to piece them all together, as Starcasm decided to find out and discovered that she’s since had so many run-ins with the law.

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