Some women are known for their height, but one Australian mom takes being tall to a whole new level.

While she may look like any other mom sitting down, when she stands up, it is easy to see why Caroline Arthur isn’t just your average 30-something mother.

Caroline is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and her legs could literally be breaking records. Her legs measure 51.5 inches from hip to heel – that’s 69 percent of her height.

“When I realized that my legs might be the longest in the world, I was super excited,” said Caroline in a video from Barcroft TV. “I think being so close, it’s worth contacting [the Guinness Book of World Records] and finding out.”

She’s challenging Svetlana Pankratova of Russia, whose 51.9-inch legs currently hold the record.

She told the MailOnline:

“I believe that they are definitely the longest in Australia and, as far as I know, in America too.

Because it’s so close I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done.”

Naturally, her size has presented a number of challenges for Caroline, most notably finding clothes that fit, specifically jeans and pants. She has to buy them for their length and not the waist size just so the material covers her legs.

She says as a teen she was teased and called names.

She didn’t feel attractive at all. She also has trouble finding clothes that fit, especially jeans and pants. She often has to buy them to fit in length and not the waist size.

Caroline is married and has two children. Her husband, Cameron, is about the same size as her. Her son Cooper, 13, already is the same height as his mother and has her long legs.

Her daughter, Zoe, measures in at 5 foot 9 inches. Oddly enough, Caroline’s own mother is only 5 foot 3 inches tall.

The Australian mom says for years she just wanted to be the same as everyone else, but since starting modeling at the age of 15, she has learned to embrace her height. She says she is now proud of her height and her legs.

 “I just wanted to be the same as everyone else. I started modeling when I was around 15 and that gave me confidence.” Caroline added that sometimes her legs got her jobs and other times, it worked against her, explaining: “I was told that I’m too tall for Australian beauty standards and couldn’t model clothes because they just wouldn’t fit me. So as much as I did get work because of my long legs, I also got knocked back for the same reason.”

“I can honestly say now, as a 39-year-old woman, I’m the most secure in my own skin that I have ever been. I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life,” says Caroline.

Check out the video of Caroline’s incredible story below and be sure to share it with your family and friends.

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