She LICKED Thousands Of Dollars Of Groceries. She Has Just Gotten Licked By Karma!

Why someone would decide to mess around with someone now or play dirty tricks on people at this moment in time is beyond me.

For example, every year my wife and I play little April Fools jokes on each other. The jokes never get beyond the house. We didn’t do it this year because it was not the right time to them. Maybe next year.

Added to that, you never want to mess around with food, especially now. Sure, you might not feel sick when you are screwing around with something at the store but what about the people that actually buy the thing you were messing with.

We all need to be taking care of each other and not trying to openly hurt each other.

In the midst of a historic pandemic that has swept across the world, it appears that most rational people are taking appropriate measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

People everywhere are practicing safe social distancing, self-quarantining after potential exposure and trying to remain at least 6 feet away from others when they have to leave their home.

However, to some, the coronavirus appears to be little more than an excuse for a sick joke.

For example, a California woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly licking almost $1,800 worth of products in a Safeway grocery store.

Police received a called that a woman, later identified as Jennifer Walker, 53, of South Lake Tahoe, came into the store and reportedly began licking a variety of products, then loading them into her cart.

According to the South Lake Tahoe police report, Walker was not planning to purchase the $1,800 worth of jewelry, meat, liquor and other items that she allegedly ruined, as she had no money or other means with which to do so.

An employee at the Safeway grocery store told police that the merchandise Walker licked had been “deemed unsellable due to the cross-contamination.”

Walker was booked Tuesday at the El Dorado County Jail on two felony counts of vandalism of $400 or more and burglary in the second degree.

Walker is still in custody on a $10,000 bond, according to the county jail records.

NBC reported that she had no previous criminal record with the local police department, but police Lt. Shannon Laney revealed that they were familiar with her from past dealings.

“We’ve had local contact with her; we’re familiar with her,” Laney said, but did not comment on how or why due to medical privacy laws.

Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Walker is not the only person accused of pulling such a careless and immature stunt during the coronavirus pandemic.

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