This is the shocking moment a brave woman accused a 65-year-old pastor of grooming her and taking her virginity at the age of 16 in front of his congregation.

John Lowe II, an Indiana church pastor, confessed that he committed “adultery” twenty years ago when a woman in the congregation swiftly corrected him — she was only SIXTEEN when the now 65-year-old man preyed on her. “The lies and the manipulation have to stop,” Bobi told him in front of the whole church.

The 43-year-old Gephart, the victim, and her husband Nate accused the Pastor in front of his congregation of committing sinful acts. Specifically, of having groomed Bobi when she was a teenage girl and having taken her virginity at the age of 16 when the pastor was 38 years of age.

The woman said her older brother recently confronted her about witnessing her lying in bed with their pastor while wearing a T-shirt and underwear when she was just a teenager.

Watch it here: DailyMail/Video

More details of the shocking revelation from a Daily Mail report:

“For 27 years I lived in a prison… I lived in a prison of lies and shame. Lying to protect the Lowe family. For years I thought I was a horrible person, having suicidal thoughts and not realizing what had been truly done to me.”

“I would still be in a prison if my brother had not just approached me two weeks ago with what he had seen as a teenager that bothered him all these years: his pastor in bed with his younger sister.”

Turning to Lowe, she continued: “I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that? I know you do.”

“You did things to my teenage body that should have never been done. If you can’t admit the truth, you have to answer to God. You are not the victim here”

While 16 is the age of consent in Indiana, a Pastor abusing his position to groom a young and innocent girl and take her virginity is seen by many of the congregation as reprehensible and shameful.

“If you did it you need to admit it!” said one angry church-goer.

Another yelled: “We need to hear from our pastor!” A third then cried out: “Give him the microphone!”

Lowe, having confessed partially to his sin of adultery, returned to the stage.

At first he said: “I told you I committed adultery and that it went on far too long.”

A member of the congregation then shouted out: “You didn’t tell us she was 16!”

The disgraced Pastor confessed to most of Bobi’s testimony, admitting that he groomed the teenager to have an affair with he, and stepped down from his role in the church.

The church has since made a statement praying for healing from all parties.

Watch the shocking admission of this sex-maniac pastor in from of his own congregation: 

Watch it here: DailyMail/Video

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail

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