It seems that everyone involved with the Clintons eventually has something bad happen to them.

You never exactly hear about anyone in that camp going dying from old age. If they aren’t being thrown off a truck, they are being thrown from a different truck.

They all seem to go eventually.

Linda Tripp rose to fame after she held private conversations with Monica Lewinsky and got all the dirt on what she and President Bill Clinton had been up to. It was Tripp who blew the whistle on the Clinton sex scandal, which led to Clinton’s impeachment and his Senate acquittal.

On Wednesday morning, Tripp passed away at the age of seventy after a losing battle with pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed less than a week ago.

Because Tripp started battling the deadly form of cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, she was only allowed to be visited by her husband Dieter Rausch and daughter Allison Foley. The hospital had very strict rules because they are working tirelessly to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus amid the global pandemic.

Reports obtained by the Daily Mail claimed that Tripp “died with a smile on her face.” Despite the fast decline following her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer less than a week ago, Tripp left her family behind after leading a full life.

Tripp became famous after she secretly taped conversations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. She shared these tapes and threatened to bring an early close to the Clinton presidency.

Tripp checked herself into the hospital last week because she had bad stomach pains. She had no idea that she was battling pancreatic cancer and that it would steal her life away from her family within a matter of days.

One of Tripp’s closest friends, Diane Spreadbury, spoke to Daily Mail about the loss of her close friend. They were confidants for more than two decades, and Spreadbury called Tripp “a wonderful person.”

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