Pictures have emerged of Hillary Clinton intimately posing with a protester who was arrested for having a weapon at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley speech.

Ben Shapiro just kicked off “Free Speech Week” at Berkeley this past week after their controversial attacks on conservative speakers. Berkeley has become known for their violent alt-left protests anytime someone with different beliefs, particularly those of conservative values, come to speak. Nine protesters were arrested at Shapiro’s speech because they were caught with weapons. One woman in particular caught our attention because of the picture below…

Ben Shapiro's Berkeley Speech

IJR|Prior to the event, a massive banner was hung reading “we say no to your white supremacist bull s**t.” This is ironic considering Ben Shapiro is a yarmulke-wearing Jew and white supremacists tend to not like those types of people.

As expected, hundreds of protesters turned up to the event. By the end of the night, Berkeley police arrested nine protesters for carrying illegal weapons and even reportedly spitting on police. Prior to the event, the city stated the items could have been used to start a “riot.”

Here are the mugshots that were released:

Ben Shapiro's Berkeley Speech

However, there’s one person of interest here. That’s right, in the center is Sarah Roark, who was arrested for carrying a banned weapon.

Ben Shapiro's Berkeley Speech

Interestingly enough, Roark is an avid Hillary Clinton supporter to this day according to her Facebook profile. Her profile picture is even herself and Clinton intimately posing together.

Ben Shapiro's Berkeley Speech

One look at her Facebook profile, and you’ll quickly notice that the majority of her posts are anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and pro-Hillary Clinton.

Just more proof, the left only believes in free speech if they agree with the speech. They riot and call people, who actually believe in free speech, fascist when they are in fact, the actual fascists limiting speech and ideas. How hypocritical can they get?

Why Doesn’t Hillary denounce these idiots for their violence? Hmmmm… Because she started it with her resist campaign, I’m sure she gets a big laugh at her puppets expense. She’s loving this because this is what she has wanted all along. If this were a picture of Donald Trump with someone who protested a liberal speaker it’d be plastered all over media with “white supremacist” headlines.


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