Secret Meetings REVEALED! Obama Just PI$$ED Himself!

Barack Obama is the Democratic king of hypocrisy.

Liberal media continues to bash President Trump for speaking with the Russian President at a G20 summit but neglect to mention that Obama and Former national security adviser Susan Rice did the very same thing is 2015. Why do liberals believe that it’s only wrong for Trump to speak with Putin but if Obama does it everything is a ok?

Via Swamp Drain:

According to Fox News, in 2016, Obama and Putin also met “on the sidelines” huddling for 90 minutes, at a G20 meeting over a number of issues, including the Ukraine. Furthermore, they talked on the phone with relative frequency.

2009 – A two-hour meeting in Moscow: Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, center right, converse while having traditional Russian tea on a terrace at Putin’s residence outside Moscow on July 7, 2009.

2012 – Another two-hour meeting in Mexico: Putin and Obama meet in Los Cabos, Mexico June 18, 2012.

2013 – An awkward photo, a canceled meeting and a 20- to 30-minute private talk. Obama and Putin at a Group of 8 summit in Northern Ireland.

And on and on it goes revealing that for eight years Obama had private conversations with Putin without the media crying collusion. This is a double standard at its finest.