Following The Titans Lead, SEAN HANNITY Just Did Something Wonderful For Keaton Jones

When I first became aware of the situation involving Keaton Jones, it was one of those moments that to be honest took me back in time.

I felt sick to my stomach and began mentally reliving feelings of when I was a much younger man and like so many other kids was bullied in school.

This poor kid is one of the many that gets poked at for no good reason other than people can. It’s the reason why so many kids that are as brilliant as the day is long decide to quit school because they simply cannot take the abuse from fellow students.

This past Friday, Kimberly Jones posted a video online of her son tearfully describing the type of bullying he endures in school and what exactly can be done about it.

Like so many people, that video made me think of a time in my life where I was in that situation and wished to God that it would just stop.

Thankfully, there are kids out there that have this kid’s back. Reactions from the video gained the attention of The Tennessee Titans who gave the family tickets to a game. Offensive tackle Taylor Lewan offered to personally bodyguard him while he went to school.

Sean Hannity also saw it and tweeted that if someone can give him the name of the school and principal that he would fix the situation.

About an hour later Hannity made another offer that if someone set up a scholarship account for Keaton that he would add ten thousand dollars to the fund.

Hannity also said that additional contributions would be wonderful and that the school definitely needs to fix what the heck is going on.