If Sean Hannity is not too careful of what he’s doing right now, he will eventually lead to falling through the bottom of the lake.

He is skating on some very thin ice right now… and does Sean realize he’s pissing off his base and is treading in some very dangerous waters right now?

Hannity’s undeniable support for the vaccine is the reason why tension is rising among his supporters.

Trump supporters know how to show respect, especially those who don’t want to take the vaccine, it is okay with them if others choose to get vaccinated since they believe receiving the vaccine should base on your free will and personal decision, if someone doesn’t want it then we cannot force them.

But what these people don’t want is to hear a lecture especially coming from the same side they are fighting for, lecturing about the vaccine that they choose not to be injected into their bodies.

And Hannity is the one who’s doing the lecture!

He showed a lot of support to those people who received the vaccine and he’s even pushing this vaccine thing to a new level in his show. And why is he doing this?

Some say it’s because the market is crashing over fears of another lockdown and the Murdoch family has sent word down the pike that their hosts need to push the vaccine.

Maybe, but I don’t know…

One thing I do know is that it’s gotten so absurd, that you’re almost waiting for Sean to tell his viewers to mention promo-code “Hannity” when they get the job.

Below are what people said online:

“Is this guy getting a cut for every person he gets vaccinated?” 

“I don’t watch him religiously like I used to but I will make it a point NOT to watch him after this. It isn’t his job to get involved in anyone’s health. Plus sick of him saying he’s getting the hell out of NY for ten yrs .”

“I get it, Sean loves the vaccine, but give it a rest.” 

“This feels like virtue signaling to the left, if you ask me” 

“I stopped watching him because of this shit right here.” 

“Ah jeez, say it ain’t so. Damn another one bites the dust in Vax pushing.”

“Only way I’m getting vaccinated is if God himself tells me to. No politician or media person will ever convince me to get it”

“He has said this multiple times almost every night”

“He is now officially part of the problem with our political elites.”

Sean Hannity should have a better “read” on his audience by now and should know not to push this stuff. Nobody needs “Sean Hannity” educating them on this vaccine.

Republican was already informed that taking the vaccine is a choice. And this idea was all base on the “fake news” memes that some were using to base their decision and this is exactly what Biden is trying to do and Hannity should not help to push this nonsense.

People were saying that he’s too busy talking and forgot to hear what other is saying, maybe they are right. It could be his end if he won’t be careful. Hope he gets this message.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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